In the realm of bathroom design, Jaquar’s Sanitaryware Solo Range stands out, offering a diverse selection of handwash basins. Designed to cater to varying needs and preferences, these fixtures are compact, space-saving solutions, making them ideal for bathrooms with limited square footage or stylish powder rooms.


The Solo hand wash basin, available in different shapes such as round or oval, boasts contemporary and sleek designs with clean lines. Its modern aesthetics enhance the visual appeal of any bathroom decor, creating a harmonious and stylish environment.


Crafted from high-quality ceramic, the Solo range ensures durability and longevity. Ceramic’s resistance to stains, scratches, and wear makes it an ideal material for Sanitaryware, providing users with fixtures that maintain their pristine appearance over time.


The Solo range offers flexibility with various sizes and configurations, including wall-mounted, countertop, and tabletop designs. This diversity allows for optimal space utilization and installation adaptability, catering to individual preferences and requirements.


The Solo range presents different hand wash basin options, allowing users to choose between round or oval basins, small hand wash basins, and varying depths and capacities. This extensive variety ensures that users can find the perfect fit for their specific needs.


The Solo range incorporates pre-set faucet holes and overflow options for easy installation of faucets and efficient water drainage. These design features prioritize convenience and functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Smooth surfaces and easy-to-clean materials characterize the Solo range, promoting hassle-free maintenance and cleaning. This not only saves time but also contributes to a hygienic bathroom environment.


Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate the water-saving features in the Solo range. Models may come equipped with reduced water consumption, dual-flush mechanisms, or efficient flushing technology, aligning with eco-friendly practices and potentially saving on water bills.



Stylish and modern, these designs offer a wide range of options to suit diverse bathroom aesthetics. Easily installed on countertops or vanity units with minimal modifications, they provide ample counter space for toiletries. Smooth surfaces and versatility in design make them a unique addition to any bathroom.


Wall-mounted pedestal basins are a space-saving and stylish choice. Their pedestal design allows for easy wall installation, freeing up floor space and simplifying cleaning underneath. Durable materials ensure longevity, and various sizes and configurations cater to different bathroom spaces. The sleek design adds a minimalist touch to enhance overall aesthetics.

Jaquar’s Sanitaryware Solo Range combines elegance with functionality, offering a variety of hand wash basins and WCs that cater to diverse preferences. From compact designs ideal for limited spaces to eco-friendly features, this range is a testament to Jaquar’s commitment to providing innovative and stylish solutions for modern bathrooms. Elevate your bathroom experience with the Solo Range, where convenience, comfort, and style converge.

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