Transform your shower into a spa-like haven with the exquisite range of products from Hansgrohe. Offering a diverse selection of showers tailored to meet your unique needs, Hansgrohe stands as a symbol of sophistication, innovation, and superior quality. Indulge in the luxury of choice as you explore our hand and overhead showers, shower sets, and shower systems. Each product showcases award-winning designs, innovative technologies, and the high-quality standards that define the Hansgrohe brand. Whether you’re looking to enhance your shower area or embark on a complete redesign, our offerings cater to various preferences and budgets.

Elevating your bathroom need not always come with a hefty price tag. Simple upgrades, like replacing a hand shower, can make a substantial impact. Our shower heads not only gently douse and refresh but also provide invigorating massages. The installation is a breeze, fitting seamlessly into any housing type. Just unscrew the old hand shower and effortlessly replace it with a new one to experience an instant transformation. Should the shower rail also require an upgrade, consider opting for a convenient shower set comprising a shower rail and hand shower. Some of our shower rails are designed to be installed on existing screw holes, ensuring a hassle-free process. Whether you choose to replace only the hand shower or go for a complete shower set, you can achieve a quick and effective solution.

For those with grandiose aspirations, our shower systems present the ideal solution. Comprising an overhead and hand shower connected through a rail, these systems offer added comfort with options including a built-in single lever tap or a thermostatic mixer. Multi-jet overhead showers with a massage effect can effortlessly transform your shower routine into a daily spa experience. Installation is straightforward – simply connect to existing wall fixtures, and you’re ready to enjoy an enhanced shower experience.

Why choose Hansgrohe shower systems?

In addition to visual appeal, Hansgrohe showers incorporate sophisticated technologies to elevate your showering experience. The EcoSmart feature, for instance, enables a significant reduction in water consumption, minimizing environmental impact while providing an eco-friendly shower experience. With Hansgrohe AirPower, revel in plump, soft droplets created through aeration, enhancing the overall shower sensation. The Select technology allows you to effortlessly cycle through 16 jet types at the touch of a button, giving you complete control over your shower preferences. Hansgrohe consistently sets new benchmarks in innovative technologies, ensuring that your showering indulgence is not only luxurious but also sustainable and user-friendly.

If you’re planning an entirely new bathroom, let your imagination run wild. Hansgrohe overhead showers come in a variety of designs and sizes, allowing you to personalize your space. Elevate your shower experience with the Rainmaker Select overhead shower, featuring a generous 460 mm wide spray disc that provides a soothing shower rain. Installation options are flexible, allowing you to mount the overhead shower on the wall via a shower arm, position it from above, or embed it into the ceiling for a seamless look. To complement your shower setup, Hansgrohe offers a range of matching accessories. From shower hoses to practical shelf areas and grab bars, our accessories are designed to enhance comfort and functionality. Hansgrohe accessories bring a cohesive and stylish touch to your bathroom space.


In conclusion, Hansgrohe showers go beyond mere functionality; they embody a commitment to excellence, style, and innovation. With a vast array of options to choose from, you can effortlessly create a personalized and indulgent shower experience that meets your unique preferences and needs. Dive into the world of Hansgrohe, where every shower is a journey of luxury, comfort, and cutting-edge technology.

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