Wall, Floor Tiles and Surfaces

Transform your ordinary rooms to a magical space with the perfect tiles that lift the mood and energy in any space. Let your surfaces transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary, dull to vibrant, and pale to colorful. Tiles can serve as the perfect background to all things wonderful and are an unavoidable element for home interiors and decor. Choosing the right color and design of tiles for your home can indeed be a difficult task, which is why we at Maruthi Ceramics, the best tile showroom in Banglaore have a plethora of wall and floor tiles in a multitude of colors, designs, patterns, and shapes to please your senses from around the world.

Available in a wide range of finishes from glossy, matt, textured, and more, these wall and floor tiles can make your surfaces look mesmerizing and magical. We ensure that the tiles are durable and strong enough to withstand any damage because of their superior quality and they are super easy to clean and maintain making them the preferred choice of interior designers. Reflect the beauty of your home through the tiles from Maruthi Ceramics. We have a splendid collection of tiles to make your home look like a marvelous piece of fine art.