Washbasins & Water Closets

Washbasins & Water Closets that match your comfort and style are the best find you can get in any bathroom. Functionality coupled with aesthetics and style, these branded washbasins and water closets make the perfect luxury bathroom you ever dreamt of. Get the most innovative and technologically advanced designs, style, and colour in water closets that showcase your royalty and grandeur promising easy accessibility, comfort, and most importantly hygiene from Maruthi Ceramics.

The most ergonomic, eco-friendly, and designer washbasins to adorn your homes and bathrooms are now available at Maruthi ceramics. Contemporary designs, minimalist and aesthetic designs, countertop designs, pedestals, free-standing, and attached we have them all to make your home elegant and beautiful. Any bathroom/ small or big can be given a character of its own with just the right amount of bathroom fixtures, washbasins, and water closets from Maruthi Ceramics.